Join the fight for equality!

Calling all UUs, 
Equality needs you to pick up your phone and call the Speaker of the House, Delegate Cox, 804-698-1066.
In 1920 Virginia voted “no” on the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. 100 years later, Virginia has the chance to land on the side of equality this time. Please call and tell the speaker that it’s time for Virginia to do the right thing and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. 81% of Virginians support the ERA and it should have a vote on the full house floor. 

From our friends at VARatifyERA:

Help us fill inboxes and voicemails this weekend by encouraging Virginia’s lawmakers to bring the ERA to the floor. A detailed explanation of the three rules changes was written by Ned Oliver with the Virginia Mercury.

It is important for Virginians work together to ensure the Republican caucus votes on behalf of the 81% of Virginians that support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment instead of voting to support Delegate Gilbert’s obstruction.

Please copy and paste this in your social media groups, email to friends, and don’t forget to make your own calls!

Ask your delegate to vote YES on HR 274 (Ayala) and HR 280 (Simon).
These resolutions allow a simple majority of delegates to bring the ERA to the floor.

Ask your delegate to Vote NO on HR 279 (Gilbert).
This resolution obstructs the ERA by requiring a 2/3 supermajority.

Please contact your delegate, regardless of his/her stance on ERA. Find your delegate’s contact info by entering your address at

**email links will auto-populate with a subject + message**

Speaker Cox (804) 698-1066 /
Tim Hugo (804) 698-1040 /
Chris Jones (804) 698-1076 /
Roxann Robinson (804) 698-1027 /
Chris Peace (804) 698-1097 /
Chris Stolle (804) 698-1083 /
Bob Thomas (804) 698-1028 /
David Yancey (804) 698-1094 /