The images here follow a period of hazardous material abatement. During the first phase, specialists removed lead paint and materials containing asbestos including floor tiles, pipe lagging, and textured ceiling material. Once hazardous material abatement completed, trades could remove unneeded wiring and piping. This work proceeded in parallel with demolition of unneeded interior partitions and modifications to walls to close unneeded windows and doors and create several new entrances and exits.


The Undercroft

Your house had a crawl space, Mike, being bigger, has an undercroft. Trades removed unneeded wiring and piping and hazardous materials associated with them to prepare this space for the renovation happening above.


Congregation Entrance

Trades are constructing a new double width entrance door entering into the new entrance hall that gives access to the parlor and sanctuary. I guess this is our new narthex. A vestibule will be constructed in the corner formed by the two exterior walls.

Front Parlor

Our architect combined several front rooms to make a new front parlor in the space between the sanctuary and the front of the building. The existing front stoop will be remodeled to provide emergency egress. The front parlor serves as informal gathering space before events, post-event reception space, and for informal gatherings. Eventually, we will have the hall audio and video available in the space.


Sanctuary Lower Level

These images show the lower level of the sanctuary after all of the internal partitions have been removed but before the upper level deck is removed. They give a good sense of the space. The image containing the tool box in the foreground looks toward the stage. The other image is taken from the stage looking toward the balcony.


Removing the Second Floor Deck

Sanctuary area 2nd deck removal opens the space up to give a feeling for the size of our new hall. The final image looks from the stage toward the balcony. The A/V booth is at the back of the hall under the balcony. The organ console will most likely be installed at the front of the balcony.