We want a Greener CVUU

“The Green Team” spearheading our “Green Initiative,” has been very busy these last few months raising funds for Green improvements to our new home at 809 S. Military Highway.

Some of the improvements are already being installed at the new church, including high performance windows, a vestibule to conserve conditioned air and dual flush toilets. The effort is in keeping with the spirit of our 7th Principal: “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

Funds raised for the Green Initiative are for enhancements that we cannot afford with our current new building budget. They will be used to make our new church home greener by lessening our carbon footprint, lowering utility bills, reducing water usage, improving health and well-being and improving our stewardship of the Earth.

Right now we have a great opportunity for having a positive impact on our new building while renovations are still under way. We can improve the efficiency of our heating and cooling systems, reduce our use of paper products, have more efficient toilets, etc. Many improvements are possible. If we raise enough funds to add solar power now, great!  If not, we can at least include provisions for adding solar power in the future.

See the pledge forms, “Our Commitment for a Greener CVUU” at the back of the sanctuary or speak with one of the Green Team members if you have questions or want to make a contribution.  Our new Tree banner (to the left of the stage) will be sprouting new leaves as contributions are received.