April 28: Coffee Crew, Greeters and Ushers, Welcome Table

The Ushering/Greeting team is looking for four new regular volunteers. We have five standing teams, each takes one Sunday each month, and a substitute volunteer fills in when there’s a need. Greeters/ushers arrive by 10:15 am on Sundays, hand out programs and direct newcomers to the welcome table. They assist people with directions; get an attendance count and collect and sort donations for the counting team.  It’s easy. It’s fun. And it represents UCN’s principle of being a welcoming congregation. Interested? Contact Allison Betro or Cheryl Copper.

The Welcome Table/Coffee Crew is where our visitors often make their first UCN acquaintances. If you are looking for an easy way to serve your congregation and to get to know people at UCN, please consider volunteering to be a member of a Coffee Crew or to staff the Welcome Table on Sundays. The Coffee Crews will give you an excellent way to meet members of UCN and the Welcome Table will allow you to make the initial connection that may result in increasing our membership. If either of these volunteer opportunities interests you, please contact Garland Tillery  for the coffee crew or contact Jannie Marvel  for the welcome table.