2016 Canvas Challenge Grant

An anonymous person has just volunteered to provide an incentive to our annual stewardship campaign! They will 

match dollar for dollar up to a total of $20,000 each dollar pledged above a total of $240,000 between 5/10/16 and 6/30/16. So the matching kicks in as soon as our total for this campaign gets to $240,000 and then stays in effect until we reach $280,000 or when we reach 6/30/17, whichever happens first.

As of May 10, the church has received pledges totaling $221,524, which is 83 percent of the $267,000 we raised last year by the end of June, and is 79 percent of our current $280,000 goal. So, we are doing well.  Let’s keep the momentum going and pass that $240,000 threshold so that the next $20,000 gets automatically doubled!

There are a number of pledges outstanding, but pledge increases by some of us will be required in order to take full advantage of this generous offer.  You may notify the the church office by phone (627-5371) or email ([email protected]) with new pledges or modifications to existing pledges or you may bring your contributions to the Sunday, May 15 service.

We are very thankful for all the pledges of financial support our congregants have made to help sustain UCN for the coming year.  Your presence, full engagement in the church, and financial commitment are all important for the health of this congregation.  We would especially love to receive additional pledges by May 15, when we will celebrate the end of the public portion of this stewardship campaign.


Thank you,

Doug Throp
Stewardship Team Chairperson